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typographica's much waited website redesign launch has finally gone live, and to break it in. they finally posted up their annual "best fonts" for 2008. Its a diverse range of fonts, and there are some that are already considered classics amongst type nerds.

and some standouts for me. behind the cutCollapse )

oh papyrus!


another jem from XKCD

new release from HF&J


a new release from HF&J; Sentinel. Its a beautiful expanded clarendon with full italics, book and bolds. its kinda cheep for an HF&J font for $199 for the whole family.

the light italic looks stunning



I've been photocopying colophons from the backs of books for years and I've finally compiled my collection into a zine. Thirty-two colophons included; ranging from Baskerville to Weiss.

Perfect for those who always read colophons or who grudgingly read books set in Times. Perhaps that's just me.

Available from arloaf.etsy.com

Mm, specimens!


Full size thanks to Creative Bits here.

I saw this game mentioned a while ago on another community but thought I'd share it here:
Deep Font Challenge

Flash shoot-em-up!

Poster design

Some very tasty posters by Mike Harpin -

found here

The New Gothams


Admitingly, I'm a big H&FJ fanboy, I figure I should post about the expansion of the Gothem family into Narrow, Extra Narrow, Condensed weights, along with matching italics. Bringing the total of styles up to 66. impressive.  read more
 Can anyone tell me what helvetica this is?: